What’s so special about React 18 Alpha?

Nirmal Joshi
2 min readNov 4, 2021


The React Team has released a new alpha version in the month of June 2021.

Even though there hasn’t been an official date announcement, React 18’s latest release additions seem very promising indeed.

The main addition to this new version are the concurrent rendering and automatic batching features that will surely improve the performance of React applications.

Below are the most notable features that you can already try in React:

  • startTransition API for non-urgent state updates
  • Automatic Batching improvements for fewer renders
  • The new ReactDOM.createRoot() API
  • SSR support for <Suspense> component

Here’s a quick video about React 18 Alpha’s top features. Let me know what you believe will be this version’s most promising feature.

React 18 Alpha

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