Top JavaScript Animation Libraries 2023

Nirmal Joshi
3 min readFeb 17, 2023

Let’s check out five of the best JavaScript animation libraries that are expected to be popular in 2023. These libraries are perfect for anyone looking to make their website or application look more amazing with animation.

  1. GreenSock’s GSAP 3 is considered the industry standard when it comes to JavaScript animation libraries. It offers a robust feature set including motion paths, sprite sheet animations and full-blown scrolling effects. The library offers a comprehensive API that allows developers to easily customize animations to meet their exact needs.
  2. AnimeJS is another popular option for animating with JavaScript. It provides an intuitive user interface for creating smooth transitions between elements on screen. Developers can use AnimeJS to create complex choreographies with multiple animated elements, complete with easing functions and synchronization options for different layers of animation. What’s more, the library offers integration with SVG graphics, allowing developers to create stunning visuals as part of their animations.
  3. Another great choice for creating animations in web apps is VelocityJS. This library supports all types of elements, including DOM elements, SVG images and canvas objects, making it easy to animate any kind of interactive element in your app. With its high performance engine and powerful API, VelocityJS makes animating complex apps — an easy job! And like GSAP 3 and AnimeJS, the library also comes packed with useful components as well.
  4. Popmotion is yet another great option for quickly building sophisticated interactive web experiences using JavaScript animation libraries. Not only does this library offer lots of pre-built components such as physics-based motion — it also includes several different visual tools that make designing unique animations very easy — from particle effects through motion trails right up to scroll-controlled animation flows.
  5. Finally there is AniJS — a lightweight JavaScript framework designed specifically for animators who need something simpler than the other mentioned options but still powerful enough to get the job done quickly and easily . Thanks to AniJS’s intuitive API, creating complex animations can be done by chaining together simple commands — making it perfect for those who don’t want (or don’t have time) to dive deep into other more advanced options.

All in all, these five top JavaScript Animation Libraries each have their own strengths and weaknesses — so depending on your project requirements you might find one better suited than another — but they are all without doubt some of the best out there right now when it comes down to developing stunning interactive experiences quickly!

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Nirmal Joshi

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