Python List Methods

Nirmal Joshi
2 min readOct 31, 2022

Python has numerous methods that allow us to work with lists. In this blog, you will find all the major list methods to work with Python lists.

Append and add elements to the end of the list.

Inserts a given element at a given index in a list.

Adds each element of the iterable to the end of the list.

Returns a shallow copy of a list.

Removes all items from the list.

Removes a given object from the list.

Removes and returns the last value from the given index value or the list.

This methods count the elements.

Returns the length of the list.

Returns the lowest index where the element appears.

Sorts a list in ascending, descending, or user-defined order.

Calculates maximum of all the elements of list.

Returns the minimum element of the list.

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Nirmal Joshi

A founder and CEO of an IT company in India, I have more than 22+ years’ experience of dealing with people, processes and codes.