Node.js & Express.js Series | Chapter 5 | Advance Templating (Partials)

Nirmal Joshi
2 min readJan 26, 2023

Advance templating (Partials) in Node.js is a powerful tool for developers who need to reuse code quickly and easily. With Partials, developers are able to define pieces of HTML code that can be reused throughout a project, cutting down on the amount of code they need to write. Partials also make it easier to maintain the coding structure, as changes only need to be made once instead of multiple times across the entire project.

By allowing developers to break code into smaller chunks, Partials enhances scalability and makes it easier for larger projects with more complex features to be developed with fewer programming errors. Additionally, Partials helps keep the code organized and clear which leads to better troubleshooting processes when errors do occur. All these benefits make Partials a great choice for Node.js development projects that require speed, precision and high standards in coding structure.

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Nirmal Joshi

A founder and CEO of an IT company in India, I have more than 22+ years’ experience of dealing with people, processes and codes.