Mastering ReactJS With Interview Questions & eStore Project

Nirmal Joshi
3 min readAug 18, 2021

Fundamentals, Router, Context API, Hooks, Redux, Redux-Toolkit, HTTP calls & calling REST API, React with TypeScript and much more!

React is one of the most famous javascript frameworks & has been there since 2013. It came up when there was exhaustive use of jQuery. AngularJS was also doing well where we had MVC approach to manage large code in a better way. But by 2014–2015 React took great pace and especially after newer Angular was introduced, many JS developers shifted themselves to React. Every framework has pros and cons, so I don’t want to compare React with any framework, I just want to discuss why React is also a great choice.

Facebook came up with React in 2013 as the Facebook app itself motivated to bring a better front-end framework looking at the extreme swift front-end requirement. [You already know FB’s interface full of information and event happening and performance as well]

React powers the front-end application development at the next level. You can create reusable components, fast and smooth transition-based single page applications (SPAs), implement service-based architecture, and can do much more to get the best front-end design with super ease as a developer.

In my React course, we will go through the prior and newer versions of ReactJS with the primary focus on understanding the latest version(17).

The entire course is prepared in a methodical way so that candidates learn & master ReactJS fundamentals through smaller applications, get prepared for interviews & advanced concepts in the simplest of ways.

Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find in the course:

  • React fundamentals(version 17)
  • React Hooks
  • Standard React practices
  • Code optimization
  • List & Keys
  • Forms
  • React-Router (SPA — Single-page application)
  • Context API
  • Redux
  • Asynchronous Redux
  • Redux Toolkit (RTK) — Modern Redux
  • React with TypeScript
  • Comprehensive React eStore project
  • Testing

In the eStore project, you’ll learn the following:

  • Configuring large projects
  • Axios
  • GitHub for source & version control
  • MySQL installation & working knowledge
  • Configuring RESTful API with Node.js & Express.js
  • Creating shopping cart
  • Configuring payment gateway

Candidates trained by me in ReactJS are now working with fortune 500/1000 companies in the US.

This interactive project-based course will make your journey easier in becoming a hands-on React.js developer. You get to benefit from my 24 years of experience in the programming industry.

The end of the course has a concise eStore MERN stack project like Amazon which is built with all the latest React techniques like Redux, React Hooks, React Router(SPA), Class-based components, Node.js, Axios, Express.js, etc.

As mentioned, the course is completely hands-on from the 1st lecture — making sure you make the most out of each lecture as you progress ahead through simple applications and detailed explanations.

About me:

Founder and CEO of an IT company in India, I have more than 24 years experience of in dealing with people, processes, and codes. I started online training for my students when it was not in fashion and have trained more than 1000 students/working professionals personally which has helped them to secure awesome jobs or even start their own business.

I am also been an active corporate trainer for several years now and have been consulting with top Fortune 500/1000 companies to streamline their development projects efficiently. My goal is to share knowledge with a primary focus on advanced tools & techniques, projects, and standard programming practices to help my students understand the basics and fundamentals and make awesome technological implementations.



Nirmal Joshi

A founder and CEO of an IT company in India, I have more than 22+ years’ experience of dealing with people, processes and codes.