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Websites are now a very critical component for any business to stay competitive in the market. Be it financial, pharma, real estate, or any other domain, web development has become a must rather than “good to have”.

We all know that web development trends and its best practices change practically with the season, but I must tell you — there’s no shortage of work for developers.

My company gets more than 50 open positions a day in the US for UI/UX/Full Stack/Frontend/Backend/Web development technologies. That’s a lot of positions if we add up all the staffing companies in the US!

JavaScript has been undoubtedly the standard programming language of the web browser. But while it is the inevitable result of any frontend work or backend development with Node.js, nowadays it is not every developer’s favorite building material.

Developers are turning to TypeScript as their go-to language for writing web applications.

Let’s check out TypeScript vs JavaScript comparison which will help you in understanding the difference in the simplest of ways!

Fundamentals, Router, Context API, Hooks, Redux, Redux-Toolkit, HTTP calls & calling REST API, React with TypeScript and much more!

React is one of the most famous javascript frameworks & has been there since 2013. It came up when there was exhaustive use of jQuery. AngularJS was also doing well where we had MVC approach to manage large code in a better way. But by 2014–2015 React took great pace and especially after newer Angular was introduced, many JS developers shifted themselves to React. …

Watch, learn & practice TypeScript basics to advanced concepts & crack any interview!

TypeScript has gained massive popularity in recent years. According to Stackoverflow’s 2020 survey, TypeScript is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world (it was 3rd most loved in 2019) — clearly showing that the increase in popularity is quite astounding.

TypeScript (developed by Microsoft) is an open-source programming language that compiles into JavaScript. Since its release in 2012, the language has remained in active development and is gaining popularity and recognition every year.

The development community strongly associated TypeScript with Angular in the early days…

Technical roles in the IT industry

In case you are wondering about the various technical designations and their roles in the IT industry, this video is for you!

Before we go into these details, I’d like to emphasize that each and every team is unique, and these titles and roles tend to differ from company to company. These roles can be assigned or delegated as per organisation’s needs and goals. This is just a general framework and will give you a basic idea of what different designations and titles are.

Most importantly, even though giving titles is like tradition, you must not feel stuck with a…

The Quintessential Guide For Cracking JavaScript Interviews For Developers World-wide!!!

JavaScript — Interview Questions Series on Udemy

JavaScript will be the hot thing and isn’t going anywhere for the next 5 years!

For several years now, we’ve seen a huge demand for JavaScript developers world-wide. If you want to get a programming job quickly, this is the language to learn. Not only that, there’s always something new coming up every now and then, so you need to be updated about the latest changes and industry trends.

Others say that cracking JavaScript interviews is complicated. I say it is NOT! If you have the right resources and up-to date information — learning JavaScript is easy and fun. I…

Differences you must know!


Markup Languages are those essential tools which are necessary to build a webpage.

As you know each webpage has images, text, forms, buttons or other input elements and various types of structured data that is displayed to the user. Presenting these visual or textual information to the user is the markup of a website. The structure of each webpage is built by HTML, the beautification is done by CSS and the life to the page is given by JavaScript. …

Regular Expression Coding Screen

When I started teaching regular expression (regex or regexp), there were no sufficient resources! Being in this industry for almost 23 years now, and after exploring an ocean of digital content, I must say — Regex needs to be explained in a more simplified way.

Let’s discuss and understand a concept which is very important in the present scenario. I’ve seen students and even working professionals getting confused with the basic concepts of Regex. Having said that, I must also mention that Regular expression (regex) can be overwhelming sometimes. It is imperative for you to grasp the core concepts thoroughly at your own pace.

This is where my course will help you to clear your concepts by understanding the fundamentals the way they should be understood. The course will guide and help you in a step by step way to apply regex techniques and reach…

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A founder and CEO of an IT company in India, I have more than 22+ years’ experience of dealing with people, processes and codes.

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